from 24 February 2014 to 1 March 2014
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone
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The Time-of-Flight system for MPD


  • Mikhail RUMIANTCEV

Primary authors

Abstract content

The TOF system of MPD is the main detector for particles identification. For an efficient separation of pions from kaons in the momentum range 0-2.5 GeV/c and protons from kaons in the range 0‑4.5 GeV/c it should have time resolution better than 100 ps. The TOF system is based on mRPC detectors. It consists of a barrel with radius of 1.5 m and two End caps. The barrel and caps cover the region |η| < 1.4 and 1.5 < |η| < 2 correspondingly. During the test of full size mRPC prototype with active area of 600 x 300 mm² and strip readout a time resolution of about 65 ps and efficiency of ~99% were obtained. The start signal for TOF system in the MPD setup will be provid by two stations of Cherenkov quartz counters (FFD - Fast Forward Detector). The key idea is registration of high-energy photons from neutral pions decays, by their conversion to electrons inside a lead plate. The electrons leave the lead plate and pass through a quartz radiator, generating the Cherenkov light with excellent time characteristics. The Cherenkov light registration by multianode microchannels photomultiplier tube (MCP-PMT). The FFD consists of two sub-detectors FFDL and FFDR, arranged as arrays of modules and situated near the beam pipe at a distance of 75 cm to the left and to the right from the interaction region. Each sub-detector array has a hole for the beam pipe and a pseudorapidity acceptance of 2.3 < |η| < 3.1. Four prototypes of the FFD modules were test on the Nuclotron beam also and it have time resolution les then 35 ps.