15-19 June 2015
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone
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Bound-free pair production in heavy-ion collisions at high energies


  • Dr. Rainer SCHICKER

Primary authors


The large photon flux of heavy-ion beams at high energy results in electromagnetic processes with large cross sections. Processes which change the magnetic rigidity of the primary beam produce secondary beams. The knowledge of the cross section of these reaction channels is of great interest since they contribute to the finite lifetime of the heavy-ion beam. Electromagnetic excitation of the nucleus, followed by neutron evaporation, is experimentally accessible by measuring the forward neutrons in Zero Degree Calorimeters. The bound-free pair production process is, in principle, measurable by detecting the forward hydrogen-like heavy-ion. I will present the cross section of the bound-free electron-positron pair process, and discuss the bound-free pair constrained photon-photon luminosity for the case of the LHC energy.