15-19 June 2015
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone
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Contribution Oral presentation

Resonances and exclusive processes

Branching fractions of ψ(3770), ψ(4040), and Υ(10580) decays to light (non-DantiD, non-DsantiDs, and non-BantiB) hadrons


  • Dr. Arkadii KOZHEVNIKOV

Primary authors


Branching fractions of decays of heavy quarkonia $psi(3770)$, $psi(4040)$, and $Upsilon(10580)$ to the states $pi^+pi^-$, $Kbar K$, $omegapi^0$, $omegaeta$, $omegaeta^prime$, $rhoeta$, $rhoeta^prime$, $K^astbar K+c.c.$, $rho^+rho^-$, $K^astbar K^ast$ etc are evaluated in the model of the Okubo - Zweig - Iizuka rule violation due to the real intermediate states of mesons with open open heavy flavors. The results are compared with existing experimental upper bounds.