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Contribution Oral


Operation experience of the BINP Accelerator Mass Spectrometer


  • Dr. Sergey RASTIGEEV

Primary authors



The accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS), created at BINP, is used for an ultra-sensitive radiocarbon concentration measurements for archaeology, geology, biomedical science and other fields.

The BINP AMS is based on the 1MV folded tandem accelerator with C+++ ion selection. The most distinguishing feature of BINP AMS is the use of electrostatic separator of ion beam, located inside the high voltage terminal. The next important distinguishing feature is magnesium vapors stripper instead of the gas stripper. Moreover, the moment of time for ion detection can be registered by TOF detector.

The BINP AMS capabilities for pure radiocarbon beam selection and about 10 years operating experience will be described.