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H– and D– sources for fusion, accelerators and other applications

Electromagnetic and thermal analyses of Faraday shield of various materials and structures for a ICP source


  • Peng CHEN

Primary authors

  • Peng CHEN (State Key Laboratory of Advanced Electromagnetic Engineering and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)



Faraday shield (FS), a thin-wall metal structure with slits, is used in inductive coupled plasma (ICP) sources to protect the ceramic tube from the plasma erosion and eliminate capacitive coupling. Through the slit, electromagnetic energy is coupled into the driver to excite and sustain plasma, hence FS is an important component of ICP source. Material and structure, which has significant effect on the distribution of electromagnetic field inside the driver and temperature distribution on FS, is a critical issue for FS. In this contribution, influence of Faraday shield of various materials and structures on electromagnetic and thermal performance is discussed. FS made of copper, aluminum, molybdenum and stainless steel, as well as FS of different geometry, different size and different number of silts, are investigated. Electromagnetic field, RF power loss and temperature distribution of different FS is compared according to numerical simulations of a 3D actual source. This work can be used as a reference for the design of Faraday shield.