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Beam lines and facilities

H-minus ion source emittance measuring device


  • Mr. Viktor KLENOV

Primary authors

  • Mr. Viktor KLENOV (Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences)



The "pepper-pot" emittance measuring device developed earlier for INR RAS 400 keV H-minus LEBT channel was applied with minor modification to control the transverse emittances at the exit of H-minus ion source for 7…15 keV beam energy. It includes the "pepper-pot" mask, the quartz screen, the CCD camera, PC, the software for camera data processing and beam phase portrait formation. The issues of obtaining sufficient signal level at such low ions energy, methods of subtracting the signal of non-ion-beam illumination of quartz screen from the full amplitude of the signal as well as issues of data processing and presentation of phase portraits are discussed.