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Contribution Oral

H– and D– sources for fusion, accelerators and other applications

High brightness H- ion source for accelerators developed at TRIUMF


  • Dr. Keerthi JAYAMANNA

Primary authors



TRIUMF has developed H- ion sources for decades and now they are being employed in machines such as the 500MeV, TR30, TR13 at TRIUMF as well as various other machines worldwide. A high current version can produce up to 60 mA of H- beam. A new H- ion source with a small plasma volume is being developed to produce 5 mA at a very low emittance and run years without changing the filament. Due to the low cost, low emittance and educed maintenance needs, this ion source will suit cyclotrons as well as other accelerators looking for reliable, stable operation over long time. Having four extraction electrodes, this ion source can run at optimum extraction voltage while delivering beam energies from 1kV to 60kV with little or no degradation to the beam quality. Performance of the source including beam current, arc parameters, emittance and filament life time are discussed in this paper. The source parameters effecting emittance are discussed in details.