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Contribution Oral

Budker INP - Conference Hall
X-ray structural analysis

Structural phase transformations study of brittle refractory metals and intermetallics with L12 structure using synchrotron radiation


  • Dr. Vitaliy PILYUGIN

Primary authors

  • Dr. Vitaliy PILYUGIN (M.N. Mikheev Institute of Metal Physics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMP UB RAS))



After severe plastic deformation under the high pressure torsion technique a number of brittle refractory metals such as Mo, W, Re and Ni3Ge intermetallic compound with L12 structure have been investigated. These studies are of great interest, since the effects of shear deformation under high pressure have not been previously studied on these materials. In all cases the grain refinement caused by dislocations mobility has been observed. The Ni3Ge demonstrates the decrease of the degree of the long-range order after large plastic strain. Synchrotron radiation source has been used in order to determine the level of internal stresses, crystallite size and other parameters of the plastically deformed materials. The models of the influence of the mobility of dislocations to crystallite size and fracture surfaces have been considered.

The reported study was partially funded by RFBR according to the research project No. 16-03-00182-а and was carried out within state assignment of FASO of Russia (theme “Deformation” No. 01201463327)