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Contribution Oral

Budker INP - Parallel session Hall

Formation of nanosized metal hydrosols under the influence of terahertz laser radiation


  • Dr. Alexander KOZLOV

Primary authors



The present report describes a new phenomenon - short-term exposure of water with focused terahertz radiation of free electron laser leads to the formation of nanoparticle suspension (hydrosol). Composition of the particles formed corresponds to the material of metal containers used in the experiment. Fractional and elemental composition of the particles was determined by atomic force (AFM), scanning electron microscopy with elemental analyzer (SEM EDAX), and the results of mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS). Hydrosols are technologically convenient form, suitable for scientific and technological applications which require uniform deposition and high catalytic activity, they are useful in medicine, nonlinear optics, as well as the alternate method of sample preparation for chemical and elemental analysis.