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Contribution Invited Oral

Budker INP - Parallel session Hall

Ultrafast Pump-probe Facility based on an RF Photogun


  • Dr. Young Uk JEONG

Primary authors


Small-scale accelerator-based radiation sources have been used for developing advanced technologies and exploring new science with high convenience and low cost. Sometimes they are competitive comparing with giant facilities like X-ray free-electron lasers (X-FELs). We have developed a laboratory-scale ultrashort electron accelerator for investigating femtosecond dynamics of atoms or molecules with pump-probe experiments. This system has four beamlines. Two of them are for ultrafast electron diffraction (UED) experiments on solid and gas samples. The electron bunch duration at the UED beamlines are designed to be ~30 fs in rms. Our target value of the timing jitter between pumping laser pulse and probing electron bunch is 10 fs. The UED beamlines can perform single-shot measurement with a temporal accuracy less than 50 fs. As a pumping source, we have developed a high-intense terahertz pulse generator with the field strength of more than 0.5 MV/cm by using a femtosecond laser and a non-linear crystal. This small-scale facility can be used for investigating time-resolved diffraction experiments with samples of gas, liquid, solid, and surface. The application experiments of the UED beamlines will be performed by the collaboration with universities in Korea.