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Contribution Invited Oral

Budker INP - Conference Hall
X-ray spectroscopy

Current status of EXAFS station of SSTRC. Application of XAFS spectroscopy for the study of promising functional nanomaterials.


  • Dr. Vladimir KRIVENTSOV

Primary authors


Nowadays the method of XAFS spectroscopy in a different methodical options using of SR sources is a recognized powerful tool to study the state of the elements and the local structure for the various nanosystems having different aggregation: alloys, high dispersed material, semiconductors, solutions, glasses and others. In this report, by the example of works performed at the EXAFS station of SSTRC, for a variety of nanosized systems used in catalysis, materials science, biology, demonstrated the possibility of XAFS spectroscopy, as an independent method and in combination with other physical methods of research - HRTEM, XRD, XPS, SEM. The prospects of an integrated approach to study of nanostructured systems: dilute encapsulated ordered semiconductor nanostructures, nanocomposite catalysts having complex composition, biological nanomaterials and others are shown. The work was done using the infrastructure of the Shared-Use Center “Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation Center (SSTRC)” based on VEPP-3 of BINP SB RAS. This work was supported by Russian Academy of Sciences and Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations, SB RAS comprehensive program II.2P (Project 0305-2015-0018), RFBR (140301066, 160301139).