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Budker INP - Conference Hall
SR technological application and X-ray apparatus

Current driven wire based magnetic measurement systems


  • Mr. Artem ZORIN

Primary authors



Manufacture of magnetic devices like wigglers and undulators requires magnetic measurements. There are well-known Hall probe and moving wire based methods. This paper describes current driven wire based method. A thin nonmagnetic wire is strained within the wiggler. It is secured and tighten on supports located in some distance from the wiggler. Wire position sensors are located on the wiggler sides. Current applying to the wire deflects it according to the magnetic field inside the wiggler. There are a number of current modes giving different information. Constant current method gives 1-st and 2-nd magnetic integrals, median plane position, sextupole integral. Vibrating current method (multiple by wire self-resonant frequency) gives any integral with higher sensitivity. Pulse wire method is alternative to Hall-probe method.