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Budker INP - Conference Hall
SR technological application and X-ray apparatus

Metrological station "Cosmos". Current status.


  • Mr. Anton NIKOLENKO

Primary authors



Metrological synchrotron radiation station “Cosmos” is functioning in the Siberian Centre of Synchrotron Radiation. The purpose of the station is the development and implementation of metrology methods in the soft X-ray (80–2000 eV) and vacuum ultraviolet (10–100 eV) ranges. Also at the station is carry out works on the measurement of the spectral transmission of soft X-ray filters, the definition of the spectral characteristics of multilayer mirrors and crystals at the mentioned spectral range. The report presents the main parameters of the station, a description of its layout, of its monochromatic system and its reference detectors. The specification of basic metrological procedures used at the station for calibration of the various detectors is presented too.