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Contribution Oral

Budker INP - Conference Hall
SR technological application and X-ray apparatus

3D X-ray lithography


  • Mr. Vladimir NAZMOV

Primary authors


An increased depth of the transformed material, due to the low absorption of materials to X-rays, was one of the main advantages of the X-ray lithography for the photolithography and for the electron beam lithography. But, this property was an obstacle to its further development concerning 3D patterning. Practically, all the created by X-ray lithography so-called 3D structures [A.del Campo, C.Greiner. SU-8: a photoresist for high-aspect-ratio and 3D submicron lithography, J.Micromech.Microeng., v.17(2007) R81-R95] are really 2D+ structures. In this work, a concept of manufacturing of real 3D structures is proposed. At the same time, the high spatial resolution of the method is kept. Using a high-contrast X-ray resist, 3D microstructures of various forms and sizes are created. The smallest microstructure achieve a size of about 0.3 microns.