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Budker INP - 2nd and 3rd floors

Application of the Ө-const method on VEPP-3 in small-angle diffractometry of biological objects


  • Dr. Alvina VAZINA

Primary authors



The researches of test samples (collagen fibres and alive muscles in various functional conditions) were carried out by method of power diffraction (Ө-const) with use of synchrotron radiations of VEPP-3 storage ring (INP SD RAS, Novosibirsk) with a continuous spectral interval from 5 to 20 keV (Е=2GeV, I = 2 - 10 mA). Use the semi-conductor Si/Li detector with high energy resolution has allowed to register the informative diffraction pictures during exposition times, essentially smaller, than at traditional methods of registration. X-ray patterns of collagen show about 16 diffraction peaks in the range of 1100 - 310 nm, distance between peaks to 800 eV, and X-ray patterns of muscle display up to 7 peaks in the range of 1430 - 530 nm. Results of the work have shown that high efficiency of registration and the energy resolution of the detector give possibilities for development of a method of high-speed diffractometry of biological objects. Thus, the big intensity of SR, the wide spectral interval surpassing the intensity of a monochromatic beam on several degrees in integrated intensity, and modern high-sensitive detectors open possibilities for the decision of a new class of the problems connected with dynamics of structural transformations.