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Budker INP - 2nd and 3rd floors

Scanning X-ray fluorescence analysis of biological samples


  • Ms. Arina LOBOVA

Primary authors



The objective of the work is examination of plant standards for estimation of the minimum limits of detection of trace elements in biological tissues and samples, as well as visualization of the distribution profile of some chemical elements in a clinical sample. The work considers the advantages of using synchrotron radiation (SR). The examination of prepared samples was conducted by a standard technique, a reference to which is given in the work. The analysis enables determination calculation of the minimum limits of detection of elements. A conclusion was made that analysis enables detection of heavy elements with a content of about 1 ppm in a biological tissue. The linear profile of platinum distribution in a clinical sample and a two-dimensional map of the distribution of elements has been obtained; a correlation between the relative content of sulfur and platinum in the material of a bulb of the brain has been revealed. The corresponding figures and graphs are presented.