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Budker INP - 2nd and 3rd floors

Development of laboratory Metrology for X-ray refractive lenses


  • Mr. Dmitrii ZVEREV

Primary authors



The focusing of X-ray synchrotron radiation is one of the main problems of X-ray optics. Development of compound refractive lenses (CRL), proposed twenty years ago [1], should be considered as one of the promising solution to this problem. Despite the successful development of refractive optics for X-ray nano-focusing [2] and high-resolution X-ray microscopy [3] the diffraction resolution limit for CRL has not been achieved. As already noted [4], imaging properties of the CRL depend on the refractive properties of the used materials, and on the accuracy of the manufacturing technique of the lens optical surface (figure errors). To improve the surface quality, dedicated metrological methods to measure geometric characteristics of the CRL parabolic profile are required.

In this work aluminum and beryllium refractive lenses with a parabolic profile (small radii of curvature R = 50 ÷ 1000 μm) made by pressing technique was examined. A comparison of different metrological methods to study lenses profile is presented. Proposed comprehensive laboratory metrological approaches allow to control the quality of the lens profile and to make the input quality control of press tools.

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