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Budker INP - 2nd and 3rd floors

Source-Based Calibration of the Soft X-ray Detectors at the SSTRC


  • Mr. Anton NIKOLENKO
  • Ms. Natalya MAKAROVA

Primary authors



The development of the procedure of absolute calibration of the soft X-ray detectors is presented. In our measurements, the detector is positioned in a calculable synchrotron radiation flux behind filters of well-known transmittance. The spectral responsivity of the detector is restored on the basis of measurement data using a set of integral equations. Previously, this procedure was used for calibration of the silicon photodiodes SPPD11, which had a relatively low sensitivity and large dark signal. Currently, the calibration procedure is developed for the calibration of a diamond type detectors. The report comprises description of the program for the data processing and solution of the system of integral equations. The preliminary results of the calibration of the absolute sensitivity of fast coaxial-type diamond detectors is presented too.