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Budker INP - 2nd and 3rd floors
X-ray structural analysis

The synchrotron radiation beamline "Plasma" at collider VEPP-4


  • Prof. Boris TOLOCHKO

Primary authors



Now we are preparing an experiment to study the behavior of the crystal lattice of the material of the fusion reactor first wall in a plasma discharge on the diverter. A fast one-coordinate X-ray detector was developed for this experiment. The detector enables fast recording of 100 diffraction frames with an exposure time of 73 ps and a periodicity of 100 ns. Thus, we can record X-ray "movies" with high time resolution, which store information about the dynamics of plasma interaction with the structure of the crystal surface in a plasma discharge (100 μs in the ITER). To solve this problem we are developing an installation to work on beams of synchrotron radiation of VEPP4(BINP SB RAS). The installation will enable obtaining information about what is happening to the crystal lattice when the plasma of the ITER reactor interacts with the wall for a short period of time. The plasma discharge parameters in the ITER are as follows: an energy of 100 J for 100 μs on an area of 1 mm2. We conducted first successful test experiments, having recorded changes in the crystal lattice W, using a laser with a power of 1 J and a pulse width of 100 μm. Now diffraction patterns with a time resolution of 73 ps can be recorded.