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Budker INP - 2nd and 3rd floors

X-ray diffraction data for the study of the multilevel nanostructures in Ni3Fe deformed single crystals


  • Prof. Svetlana STARENCHENKO

Primary authors



X-ray analysis has been applied for the study of the formation of nanostructures as the result of large plastic deformation in Ni3Fe single crystals ordered alloy with the L12 structure. It was shown that the main structural changes in ordered alloys had the features similar to pure metals and the disordered solid solutions. However, in the ordered Ni3Fe single crystals the formed nanostructure was more complex. Structure consists of nano-crystallites divided by the antiphase boundaries forming the elements having size a ten times smaller than the dimensions of the crystallites. The antiphase domain structure was not homogeneous. After the strain of 0.18 together with the domains, the average size of which is equal to the original 14 nm, there were revealed a small fraction of domains with an average size of 10-11 nm. After the strain of 0.38 or more, the average size of the antiphase domains was reduced to 5-2 nm. However, in the material, a small amount of antiphase domains whose size was close to the original (13 nm) also was revealed along with the small domains. This indicates that the deformation was carried out inhomogeneously and there remained the sites of material almost unaffected by deformation processes. Analysis of the research points to the emergence of multilevel nanostructure with a clearly expressed of the two scale levels. The reported study was partially funded by RFBR according to the research project № 16-03-00182-а