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Budker INP - 2nd and 3rd floors

Electron Beam Stability in the Energy Recovery Linac for the Lithographic Free Electron Laser


  • Mr. Yaroslav GETMANOV

Primary authors



According to microelectronic production leaders the lithography based on the free electron laser (FEL) could become the main technology for the elements mass production with scale to 5 nm in the nearest future. One of the main problem is the absence of the working FEL with required parameters. The feasibility study of those FEL based on superconducting energy-recovery linac (ERL) was made in Budker INP. The ERL average current is limited by longitudinal and transverse instabilities, caused by interaction between electron beam and its induced fields in the superconducting cavities. The estimations of the threshold currents and ERL parameters were made.