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Budker INP - 2nd and 3rd floors

An inverse method of structured X-ray screen manufacturing


  • Mr. Vladimir NAZMOV

Primary authors



It is shown that the spatial resolution of an X-ray screen can be increased by forming structures like channels which are filled with a phosphor [V.I.Kondratiev, M.V.Kuzin, N.A.Mezentsev, L.A.Mezentseva, V.P.Nazmov, Yu.T.Pavlyukhin, A.Krasnoperova, V.F.Pindyurin, A.A.Sidelnikov, B.P.Tolochko, Preliminary testing of microstructured imaging plates with improved spatial resolution. Nucl.Instr.Meth.Phys.Res.A448 (2000) 207-210]. It is established that the diameter of the channel is smaller, the higher spatial resolution can be achieved. However, the problem of filling of narrow channels is increasing. In the proposed method, the phosphor has been mixed with the structured material SU-8 - resist and the patterning is carried out. Thus, the need of filling of channels with a phosphor disappears. Due to the high penetration depth of hard X-rays into the materials during the patterning step, regardless havy elements inside Gd2OS2 as a phosphor, the height of patterned microstructures can achieve tens or hundreds of micrometers. The optical isolation of the patterned phosphor pillars is carried out by electroplating of nickel betweeen the pillars. The achieved spatial resolution and the details of the manufacturing process heve been discussed.