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Budker INP - Conference Hall
SR and FEL sources and centers

Novosibirsk Free Electron Laser – unique source of the terahertz and infrared coherent radiation



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A powerful free electron lasers (FEL) has been created at Budker INP. Its wavelength can be tuned over a wide range in terahertz and infrared spectrum regions. As a source of electron bunches this FEL uses multi-turn energy recovery linac which has five straight sections. Three sections are used for three FELs which operate in different wavelength ranges (the first one - 90-240 microns, the second - 37 – 80 microns and the third - 5 – 20 microns). The first and the second FELs were commissioned in 2003 and 2009 respectively. They operate for users now. The third FEL is installed on forth accelerator track which is the last one and electron energy is maximal here. It comprises three undulator sections and 40 m optical cavity. The first lasing of this FEL was obtained in summer, 2015. The radiation wavelength was 9 microns and average power was about 100 watts. The designed power is 1 kilowatt at repetition rate 3.75 MHz. Radiation of third FEL has been delivered to user stations recently. The third FEL commissioning results as well as current status of the first and second FELs and future development prospects are presented.