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Budker INP - Conference Hall
SR and FEL sources and centers

Superconducting 72-pole indirect cooling 3Tesla wiggler for CLIC dumping ring and ANKA image beamline


  • Dr. Vitaliy SHKARUBA

Primary authors



One of the directions of BINP activity is the creation of multipole superconducting wigglers with the magnetic field levels from 2 T to 7.5 T which are installed on many SR sources. Special efforts were made by BINP to develop the cryogenic system with zero liquid helium consumption. The next significant step became the design and creation of superconducting full size prototype of dumping wiggler for CLIC project where supposed the installation of 104 wigglers. For operation of CLIC dumping wiggler it is required the magnetic field of 3 T and the period about 50 mm with a beam vertical aperture of 13 mm. Design features of the wiggler which was proposed and created by BINP is the application of the indirect cooling method. In this case Nb-Ti magnet with the length of 1.8 m and the weight of 700 kg is located in a vacuum and is cooled by four Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers. To maintain the temperature about 4.2 K on the magnet it is used the tubes with circulating liquid helium as the heat conducting elements. To increase the efficiency of pre-cooling down of the magnet it is used nitrogen-based heat pipes of siphon type. The features of the magnetic and cryogenic systems of CLIC dumping wiggler full size prototype and test results are presented in this article.