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Budker INP - Conference Hall
SR and FEL sources and centers

Status of Siberian Synchrotron and Teraherz Radiation Center. Activity review.


  • Dr. Konstantin ZOLOTAREV

Primary authors



The Siberian Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation Center is the oldest Russian center for synchrotron radiation applications. The center combines the research efforts of numerous scientific groups, mostly from institutes of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, as well as groups from institutes and universities of other Russian cities. The center provides research groups with access to most popular synchrotron radiation applications and research techniques. A big part of the activity is devoted to developing new original approaches for synchrotron radiation usage. The report covers activity on synchrotron radiation applications at the Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation Center, as well as some bright results of recent research.