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Contribution Oral

Budker INP - Conference Hall
SR for medicine and biology application

Analysis of K-lines X-ray fluorescence of Rare-Earth and High-Z elements on storage ring of the VEPP-4M


  • Mr. Aleksandr LEGKODYMOV

Primary authors



X-ray fluorescence analysis with high-energy photons (40–100 keV) is described. Measurement of K-lines from high-Z elements has attractive advantages, which are not available by L-line analysis. The experimental data on the minimum detection limits (MDLs) of rare-earth elements from La to Lu in standards of igneous rocks are described. The first results were obtained at the minimum detection limits of heavy platinoids (Os, Ir, Pt, Au) based on the lines of the K series of the characteristic radiation excited by photons with energy 100 keV. The main parameters of the beamline, layout, monochromatization system and detection system of the X-ray fluorescent are described.