from 27 February 2017 to 3 March 2017
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone
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Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Instrumentation for Astroparticle and Neutrino physics

After-pulsing and cross-talk comparison for KETEK PM1125NS-SB0, Hamamatsu S10362-11-100C and Hamamatsu S13360-3050CS at room temperature


  • Mr. Vladislav OLEINIKOV

Primary authors

  • Mr. Vladislav OLEINIKOV (Institute of Nuclear Physics 11, akademika Lavrentieva prospect, Novosibirsk, 630090 Russia)



Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) have become extensive used recently. They exceed photomultiplier tubes on quantum efficiency, size and resistance to the magnetic field. However, due to the features of the structure they have a greater value of dark noise rate, as well as they have additional sources of noise: cross-talk and after-pulsing. In addition, these parameters may have a temperature dependence.

In this article we present results of a evaluation dark noise rate, probabilities of cross-talk and after-pulses at different voltages and temperatures for two modern SiPM: Hamamatsu S13360-3050CS and KETEK PM1125NS-SB0 and Hamamatsu S10362-11- 100C SiPM from the previous generation. An offline signal processing was performed by a pulse approximation with reconstruction of amplitudes and start times to find these parameters. As a result, we found that at achieved measurement accuracy the dark noise rate has a temperature and a voltage dependence, but cross-talk and after-pulses probabilities have only the latter.


The measured cross-talk probabilities for KETEK PM1125NS-SB0 and Hamamatsu S13360-3050CS at their optimal operating voltage is about 6%, it is two times smaller than that for Hamamatsu S10362-11-100C. The fast component of after-pulses probability for KETEK PM1125NS-SB0 and Hamamatsu S13360-3050CS is about 12%, which is also almost 2 times smaller than sum of fast and slow components of afterpulses probability for Hamamatsu S10362-11-100C. The dark noise rate for Hamamatsu S13360-3050CS at 20 degree Celsius is only 30 𝑘𝐻𝑧/𝑚𝑚2 in comparison with 80 𝑘𝐻𝑧/𝑚𝑚2 for KETEK PM1125NS-SB0.