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SR and FEL sources and centers

Two types of coherency, fine mode structure, and obtaining of the ultramonochromatic tunable terahertz radiation on the NovoFEL


  • Dr. Vitaly KUBAREV

Primary authors



Laser nature of a continuous pulse-periodical radiation of the Novosibirsk terahertz free-electron laser appears in a good coherency of its pulses and very narrow synchronized longitudinal modes. Filtration of one of the modes by a system of three resonance Fabry-Perot interferometers allows to create laser source with monochromaticity which is sufficient for typical high-resolution THz spectroscopy (δf/f ≤ 1E-7, δf ≤ 0.2 MHz). Features of the source compared to other alternative devices are a wide tuning range (1.5-3 THz) and much more high output power (up to 100 mW).