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THz radiation aplication

Morphological changes of the human healthy blood erythrocytes caused by terahertz laser radiation


  • Mr. Evgeny ZELENTSOV

Primary authors



The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of terahertz radiation on the erythrocytes of healthy volunteers. Exposure of the prepared samples was carried out by non-focused radiation of the Novosibirsk FEL at wavelengths of 130-200 μm with an average power density of 20 W / cm2. Samples were studied histologically by means of optical and atomic force microscope in tapping mode in native form. The work was carried out in order to determine the specific damage to the cells membranes and possible formation of exosomes under the influence of powerful terahertz radiation. Pathological changes in the membranes are described with the exposure time increasing, up to complete destruction. Possible reasons the changes are considered.