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Contribution Invited Oral

THz radiation aplication

Nonlinear THz spectroscopy of graphene and GaAs quantum wells using a free-electron laser


  • Dr. Harald SCHNEIDER

Primary authors


The mid-infrared and THz free-electron laser facility FELBE in Dresden, Germany, provides intense, nearly transform-limited picosecond pulses, which can also be combined with synchronous pico- or femtosecond pulses from near-infared tabletop lasers, thus providing unique research opportunities to advance our knowledge on the interaction of intense mid-infrared and THz fields with materials and devices. This talk reviews some recent experiments using FEL-based intense narrow-band terahertz fields, in particular pump-induced optical anisotropy and nonlinear four-wave mixing in graphene, and dressing of excitons, exciton-polaritons, and intersubband transitions in GaAs quantum wells.