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Budker INP - Conference Hall
The use of neutron sources based on linear traps and related technologies

Medium Power Thorium Hybrid Plant with GDT-FNS for Long operation time.


  • Prof. Andrey ARZHANNIKOV

Primary authors



The GDT-FNS medium-power hybrid thorium plant is an innovative nuclear fission-fusion facility constructively consisting of an assembly of hexagonal graphite blocks of a uniform design and a long magnetic trap for plasma confinement, which serves as a source of additional thermonuclear neutrons. The active zone of the analyzed hybrid plant consists of areas with different enrichment, contains units to control and management, as well as other spatially distributed components perturbing the system, which are affecting the criticality of the assembly and the evolution of the nuclear fuel composition. Research conducted as part of this work is aimed at solving two key problems. The first task is to study the effect of Pa-233 protactinium on the fulfillment of the condition k=const under conditions of excess reactivity + dk/k, which is created using "starting" fission nuclides, which is necessary for the reactor to operate in the first day at starting its operation. Another task is related to the modeling of neutron-physical parameters during long-term operation of the assembly in stationary and cyclically changing non-stationary operating modes. The results obtained in the course of solving the tasks set in the work will improve the safety of a hybrid thorium reactor with an elongated neutron source based on a magnetic trap in a long working cycle.