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Budker INP - Conference Hall
The use of neutron sources based on linear traps and related technologies

The dynamics of energy release in a hybrid reactor operating with GDT-FNS in a pulse-periodic mode.


  • Prof. Igor SHAMANIN

Primary authors



Results of our studies of the dynamics features of energy release in a hybrid thorium reactor facility with an extended neutron source based on a long magnetic trap are presented in the paper. In the studied configuration of the active zone, a high-temperature plasma column is formed in a pulse-periodic mode, and with certain combinations of the “thermonuclear combustion” pulse duration and duty cycle. We should expect the formation of the fission reaction that is diverging from the axial part of the system and spreading over the volume of the fuel assembly (blanket) in the radial direction. In such conditions, in order to level the resulting offset of energy release, there is a need to optimize the fuel composition of the assembly in order to achieve most appropriate radial distribution of physical parameters. The studies are carried out on the basis of a full-scale model of the reactor core in which axial region is modified by a long magnetic trap operating with plasma as the source of fusion neutrons.