15-19 June 2015
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone
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Contribution Oral presentation

Heavy flavours production

Heavy flavour production at HERA


  • Prof. Uri KARSHON

Primary authors


The copious production of charm quarks at HERA has yielded a detailed understanding of QCD dynamics, the only measure of the charm contribution to the proton structure, as well as measurements of the charm mass and the fragmentation parameters of charmed hadrons. Although with smaller samples, measurements of beauty production also place constraints on the structure of the proton and allow a measurement of the beauty quark mass. Several measurements of heavy quark production using different decay modes, are presented, both new individual measurements from the H1 and ZEUS collaborations, as well as combined data. These provide a powerful vindication of the form of the gluon density in the proton derived from scaling violations of inclusive deep inelastic scattering data. QCD fits to the data lead to measurements of the charm and beauty masses and also provide precise predictions for e.g. W and Z production at the LHC.
Additionally, fragmentation fractions to the ground state charm hadrons are compared to e+e- data and previous HERA results. The data have a precision similar to that of the e+e- data and support the hypothesis that fragmentation is independent of the production process.