15-19 June 2015
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

Photoproduction of π0π0 on proton and deuteron with the rescattering mechanism π+π- → π0π0 inclusion

18 Jun 2015, 11:05
Oral presentation Resonances and exclusive processes Resonances and exclusive processes


Mr Mikhail Egorov (Tomsk Polytechnic University)


The model of coherent $\pi^0\pi^0$ mesons photoproduction on simplest nuclei of hydrogen and deiterium in the region $E_{\gamma}\le1.4$ GeV is presented. Two pion rescattering amplitude in process $\pi^+\pi^-\to\pi^0\pi^0$ is taken into account from phenomenological fit is accurately defined it in treshold region as well as up to 1100 MeV relative energy in $\pi\pi$ c.m. Strong dependence of the result on the rescattering amplitude is also discussed.

Primary author

Mr Mikhail Egorov (Tomsk Polytechnic University)

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