15-19 June 2015
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

The timelike electromagnetic form factors of proton and charged kaons at high energies

18 Jun 2015, 08:20
Oral presentation Resonances and exclusive processes Resonances and exclusive processes


Prof. Sergey Serednyakov (Novosibrsk State University, BINP)


The Initial State Radiation (ISR) method in the Babar experiment has been used to measure the timelike electromagnetic form factors at the momentum transfer from 9 to 42 GeV2 for protons and from 7 to 56 GeV2 for charged kaons. The obtained data show the tendency to approach the QCD asymptotic prediction for kaons and spacelike form factors values for proton.

Primary author

Prof. Sergey Serednyakov (Novosibrsk State University, BINP)


Dr Vladimir Druzhinin (Novosibirsk State University, BINP)

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