15-19 June 2015
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

Radio Detection of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with the Telescope Array Radar Remote Stations

16 Jun 2015, 16:10
Oral presentation Photons in astroparticle physics Photons in astroparticle physics


Mr Steven Prohira (University Of Kansas)


The Telescope Array Radar (TARA) Remote Station is a novel, autonomous, radio-based detector for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR). Our bi-static radar approach utilizes the ionized core of an UHECR shower as a reflector for a continuous wave (cw) signal. By analyzing this reflected signal, we can reconstruct the UHECR event. Our detection scheme allows for the coverage of a very large area with a minimum of apparatus, thus lowering the effective cost of UHECR detection, and raising the likelihood of seeing higher energy UHECR per increase in event area.

Primary author

Mr Steven Prohira (University Of Kansas)


Dr Dave Besson (University of Kansas)

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