13-14 November 2023
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

The 5th All-Russian School of Young Scientists on BNCT (5-Ru_BNCT) will be held in Novosibirsk, Russia, November 13-14, 2023. 

The 5-Ru_BNCT is planned to be held mainly in face-to-face format in Academpark with the possibility of virtual participation.

Educational lectures:

  • Prof. Ignacio Porras, President of the ISNCT (Spain) "Perspectives in BNCT and open research problems" [abstract]
  • Dr. Maya Dymova (Russia) "Targeted agents based on aptamers for the delivery of the 10B isotope in BNCT " [abstract]
  • Prof. Bong Hwan (Korea) "The development progress of the high current tandem accelerator for BNCT in KIRAMS" [abstract]
  • Prof. Natalia Bgatova (Russia) "Lithium-Neutron Capture Therapy" [abstract]
  • Prof. Yuan-Hao Liu (China) "Current Status of Xiamen Humanity Hospital BNCT Center" [abstract]
  • Dr. Alexandr Kichigin (China) "Experience of neutron capture therapy for malignant tumors of cats and dogs and prospects for the development of the method" [abstract]
  • Prof. Sergey Taskaev (Russia) “Prompt Gamma-ray Spectroscopy for Boron Dose Measurement” [abstact]
  • Dr. Alexey Lipengolts (Russia) "BNCT implementation in an existing clinical facilities – preliminary experience of Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology" [abstract]
  • Prof. Irina Zavestovskaya (Russia) "BNCT with Laser-synthesized boron nanoparticles" [abstract]
  • Dr. Anna Druzina (Russia) "New Approaches to the Synthesis of Boron-containing Biologically Active Compounds for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy" [abstract]

Among the poster presentations, the best, or several best, will be selected.

The conference will be held in Novosibirsk, Russia at the Academpark with the support of Budker InstituteInstitute of Chemical BiologyRussian Science Foundation and Novosibirsk University





Organizing Committee

Sergey Taskaev
Aleksei Lipengolts
Alexander Zaboronok

Andrey Prokopenko

Anna Kasatova
Maxim Kuzin

Maya Dymova
Timofey Bykov

Vladimir Kanygin

Registration for this event is currently open.