24-28 February 2020
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

Production and installation of first GEM station in CMS

28 Feb 2020, 09:30
Contributed Oral Micropattern gas detectors Micropattern gas detectors


Mr Simone Calzaferri (Università degli Studi di Pavia)


In December 2018 the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) entered the LS2 phase (Long Shutdown 2), which will last until beginning of 2021: in this period a maintainance program of LHC and of the other smaller accelerators is scheduled. In 2017 and during the whole 2018 LHC has reached the record beam luminosity 2 x 10^34 cm^-2 s^-1, around a factor of 2 beyond the LHC design. To cope with this and also looking at the following LHC phase, in which the luminosity will be further increased up to a factor 5-7, the same LHC experiments must be upgraded. In this context and concerning the muon subsystem, the CMS experiment began installing the first GEM based detectors station ( GE1/1) in July 2019 almost 5 meters from the point of interaction and covering the pseudorapidity region 1.6 < eta < 2.15. GE1/1 will consist of 144 Triple Gas Electron Multiplier detectors (GEM): this station is designed to work together with the Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) station ME1/1, improving tracking and triggering of muons produced with the pseudorapidity covered by these stations. The installation in CMS is now underway at a good pace: the first 72 chambers have been installed together with their services (gas, cooling, low voltage and high voltage), while the completion of the station is foreseen in spring 2020. This contribution will analyze the detector design, moving then to all the steps a detector must pass before being approved for the installation in CMS. The status of the operations will be presented, together with the tools developed to monitor the detector parameters during installation. Finally the plans for the installation and commissioning of the entire project will be outlined.

Primary author

Mr Simone Calzaferri (Università degli Studi di Pavia)

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