30th ITPA DTG Meeting will be held on 21–24 June 2016 in Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, the biggest scientific center of Siberia.

PICT Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 23 in parallel with the ITPA Meeting (in neighbor room).

The International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA) provides a framework for internationally coordinated fusion research activities.  The ITPA continues the tokamak physics R&D activities that have been conducted on an international level for many years resulting in the achievement of a broad physics basis essential for the ITER design and useful for all fusion programs and for progress toward fusion energy generally.

Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP) designed several diagnostical ports of ITER. BINP is the one of the world leading scientific center in the field High-Energy Physics, e+e- colliders, Synchrotron Radiation and plasma research.

Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics located close to Academpark (Technopark of Akademgorodok). Meeting will be hosted in inclined tower of Academpark.

Local Contact: Prof. Alexander Burdakov (a.v.burdakov@inp.nsk.su), Dr. Andrey Shoshin (shoshin@inp.nsk.su)

Recommended Hotel: Gold Valley in Akademgorodok (2.5 km from Academpark). Also near Academpark located hotel Park Wood (2.2 km from Academpark).

Update (27 May):

BINP will meet all participants at the airport and arrange delivery to the hotel. To arrange a meeting at the airport we need to know the date, time of arrival and flight number.
BINP booked rooms at the hotel Golden Valley for all participants (for those who have chosen this hotel), there is a discount for SB RAS institutions.

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View of Akademgorodok (the camera is located above the Academpark):

Novosibirsk, Russia
12, Nikolaeva street