24 February 2014 to 1 March 2014
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

Constraining Dark Energy with modern telescopes

1 Mar 2014, 11:20
Oral presentation Detectors for Astrophysics and Neutrino Physics Detectors for Astrophysics and Neutrino Physics


Andrei Nomerotski (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


Investigation of Dark Energy remains one of the most compelling tasks for modern cosmology. It can be studied with several probes which are accessible through precise and deep surveys of the Universe. In the talk I will review the current and next generation of experiments to probe Dark Energy with emphasis on fully depleted CCD sensors with extended infrared sensitivity. I will also briefly review future spectroscopic experiments and new detector ideas relevant to studies of Dark Energy.

Primary author

Andrei Nomerotski (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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