Presentation Information


All talks are allocated a time of 25 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Presentation  formats are Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF. Any special content (video etc) will have to be embedded in the presentation.  The presentation file should be named as follows: NIBS_<talknumber>_<lastname>, where <talknumber> is the number of the talk, shown in the Symposium Booklet and Book of Abstracts, and <lastname> is the last name of the presenter. For example, the file of the Ivanov’ talk with number MonO1 should be named as NIBS_MonO1_Ivanov.pptx.


Poster sessions will take place in the lobby of BINP main building on Monday and Tuesday. Each presenter will be allocated the space 90 cm by 120 cm (approximately portrait A0). All the posters should be mounted before the first  poster session and removed at the end of the Symposium on Friday.