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Budker INP - Conference Hall
The use of neutron sources based on linear traps and related technologies

The neutron field in a hybrid reactor operating with GDT-FNS in a pulse-periodic mode.


  • Dr. Vladimir SHMAKOV

Primary authors



To study three-dimensional neutron flux and heat generation fields in a reactor facility with a modified axial region operating in a subcritical mode with thermonuclear neutrons generated by an extended plasma neutron source, a computational model has been developed under utilizing a Serpent-Prizma program code. The studies are conducted for a radially profiled reactor core consisting of areas with different composition of nuclear fuel and containing elements of control and management of sub-criticality. The evolution of the sub criticality of the assembly and the nuclide composition of nuclear fuel is studied as well as the influence of these factors on the nuclear and technological safety of a hybrid system is analyzed when operating in a pulse-periodic mode.