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Budker INP - Conference Hall
Development of the basic technologies for the ALIANCE project

Problems to be addressed in the development of steady state NBIs


  • Dr. Vladimir DAVYDENKO

Primary authors



To build-up and sustain a population of high energy ions of hydrogen isotopes in the GDT-based neutron sources, injection of a steady-state powerful focused neutral beams with energies up to 100 keV is required. Problems arising at update of the high power NBIs developed at the Budker Institute with a duration of up to 2 s to the stationary operation mode are discussed in the report. All the injector elements that operate under high heat loads or/and intense fluxes of energetic particles should be protected against those and water cooled to provide reasonable time between replacements and services. Here, the key problem is development of ion-optical systems with spherically formed electrodes operated in DC mode, which are most sensitive to these severe conditions. The RF plasma boxes of the ion sources require some redesign and optimization of Faraday screens to reliably protect the ceramic parts of plasma box exposed to plasma loads. Other elements of the injectors such as neutralizer, cryo-pumps, bending magnets, beam dumps should be also modified for operation in steady-state regime. For these injector elements the required modifications are quite straightforward. To increase the energy efficiency of the injectors, application of steady-state energy recuperator of the residual ions, which are deflected by the bending magnet, is very promising.