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Budker INP - Conference Hall
Research activities aimed at magnification an energy efficiency of the ALIANCE project

Numerical simulation of plasma equilibrium in a diamagnetic trap


  • Mr. Mikhail KHRISTO

Primary authors


The recently proposed diamagnetic confinement (DC) mode (diamagnetic “bubble”) is designed to increase plasma parameters in open traps due to a significant increase in confinement time. We constructed a numerical stationary model of the diamagnetic “bubble” equilibrium in an axisymmetric open trap. The theoretical model is based on the Grad-Shafranov equilibrium equation and plasma transport equation obtained within the resistive magnetic hydrodynamics (MHD) with isotropic pressure. Numerical solutions corresponding to the DC mode were found; they are in good agreement with analytical estimates. In particular, the equilibrium configurations of the future experiments, such as CAT (DC mode) and GDMT were calculated. The numerical algorithm also allows one to obtain the distribution of the diamagnetic field, which may help to optimize the position of the wall-stabilization plates. Applying this model, we investigated the effect of magnetic field corrugation on the equilibrium. It is shown that the vacuum field corrugation leads to a proportional corrugation of the "bubble" boundary if the period is small enough.