15-17 November 2021
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

Poster session

Poster Session protocol:

  1. Every participants will have 5 minutes for making an announcement.
  2. After announcement (from 19-20 till 20-00 or infinity if needed Novosibirsk GMT+7 16 Nov 2021) the authors will be in their zoom rooms for making presentation and/or answering questions.


  1. Olga Bakina Proposal for the prompt inclusive J/psi production measurement at future Super c-tau factories
  2. Maria Belozyorova Parametric simulation of the SCT detector
  3. Teng Xiang Prospect of cLFV in tau->gamma mu at STCF
  4. Jiajun Liu Prospects of CKM elements |Vcs| and decay constant fDs in Ds+ → l+ν decay at STCF
  5. Jiaming Li A prototype readout ASIC for the RICH detector
  6. Serge Kononov Use of Artificial Neural Network for Event Reconstruction in FARICH detector