24 February 2014 to 1 March 2014
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The gamma-quantum registration system of SVD setup

25 Feb 2014, 17:15
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Sergey Golovnya (Institute for High Energy Physics)


The gamma quantum registration system is the part of the SVD setup at the U-70 accelerator (IHEP) exposures in experiments: SERP E-184 (An experiment for studying mechanisms of charmed particle production and decays in pA-interactions at 70 GeV/c) and SERP E-190 (Production of particles in pp-interactions in high multiplicity events at 50 GeV/c). The system consists of two detectors - the hodoscope detector of 1532 (48x32) cherenkov full absorption counters with a lead glass absorber (DEGA) and the soft photons calorimeter of 49 (7х7) counters with BGO (SPC) crystals. The following systems are described: the high-voltage power system, the DEGA platform positioning control system for detector calibration in an electron beam, the DEGA LED monitoring system. The description of the soft photons calorimeter is provided. This subsystem is focused to detecting the gamma quantum in energy range of tens MeV. The test results of SPC obtained during the accelerator run of 2013 year are presented, the energy spectrum of photons are given.

Primary author

Sergey Golovnya (Institute for High Energy Physics)

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