from 24 February 2014 to 1 March 2014
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone
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Particle identification system based on dense aerogel for SND detector at VEPP-2000 collider


  • Konstantin BELOBORODOV

Primary authors

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For experiments with SND detector at the e⁺e⁻ - collider VEPP-2000 a new particle identification system based on dense aerogel put into operation. The system is intended for the separation of π and K mesons up to particle energy of 1 GeV. Cherenkov radiator has refractive index n = 1.13. Structurally, the system has the form of a barrel, divided into 9 sections in the axial angle. Light collection is implemented through green wave length shifter on the flat PMT with micro channel plate. MIP particle creates a signal 6-10 photoelectrons. The system was calibrated with the e, μ, π and K particles produced in e⁺e⁻ -collisions. In this paper preliminary result on the cross-section of the process e⁺e⁻ → K⁺K⁻ are presented.