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Beam formation and low energy transport

High Voltage Negative Ion Beam Injector for Tandem Accelerator


  • Dr. Andrey SANIN

Primary authors



An electrostatic vacuum-insulation tandem accelerator is under operation at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics since 2006. The 2 -2.5 MeV protons with continuous accelerated current more than 5 mA are produced [1]. To increase the injected current, the new injector with pre-acceleration of negative ions was developed. The injector consists of the high current negative ion source version [2], of bending magnet, and of pre-accelerator. The bending magnet made of permanent magnet segments with correction coils provides the negative ion beam focusing and separation from the concomitant fluxes of electrons, heavy ions and neutrals. The pre-accelerating tube is designed to accelerate the beam up to energy of 150 keV. The source and its subsystems are installed at the high-voltage platform. The description of new injector and first results on 15 mA negative ion beam production, transport and acceleration will be discussed.

[1] A. A. Ivanov, D. Kasatov, A. Koshkarev et al. “Obtaining a Proton Beam with 5-mA Current in a Tandem Accelerator with Vacuum Insulation”, Technical Physics Letters, 42, p. 607 (2016). DOI: 10.1134/S1063785016060225.

[2] Yu. Belchenko, A. Sanin, and A. Ivanov, “15 mA CW H- Source for Accelerators”. AIP Conference Proceedings 1097, 214 (2009).