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Type: Contributed Oral
There is a possibility of enhanced plasma confinement in axially symmetric linear traps due to significant modification of equilibrium close to the upper beta limit. In general this type of equilibrium is highly unstable to ballooning modes while its low internal magnetic field may cause non-adiabatic particle losses. However, under special conditions these problems can be probably overcome. If ac ... More
Presented by Dr. Alexei BEKLEMISHEV
Type: Contributed Oral
An analysis is made of possibility of using a device topologically equivalent to a nonparaxial MHD stabilizer as a divertor for the projected FVNS source of fusion neutrons on the gas-dynamic trap, which should operate in a continuous mode. A side effect of adding a divertor to a linear trap is the expected improvement in plasma MHD stability, which was previously observed at TARA [Phys. Fluids 31 ... More
Presented by Prof. Igor KOTELNIKOV
Type: Contributed Oral Track: Common theme
The GDT-FNS medium-power hybrid thorium plant is an innovative nuclear fission-fusion facility constructively consisting of an assembly of hexagonal graphite blocks of a uniform design and a long magnetic trap for plasma confinement, which serves as a source of additional thermonuclear neutrons. The active zone of the analyzed hybrid plant consists of areas with different enrichment, contains unit ... More
Presented by Prof. Andrey ARZHANNIKOV
Type: Contributed Oral
A properly shaped quadrupolar mirror magnetic field, in combination with a controllable weak radial electric field, is predicted to force each guiding center to move close to its mean magnetic surface. A neoclassical increase of radial transport would then be practically eliminated. The radial electric field may be controlled by biased end plates placed at the end tank outside the confinement regi ... More
Presented by Prof. Olov ÅGREN
Type: Contributed Oral
The recently proposed diamagnetic confinement (DC) mode (diamagnetic “bubble”) is designed to increase plasma parameters in open traps due to a significant increase in confinement time. We constructed a numerical stationary model of the diamagnetic “bubble” equilibrium in an axisymmetric open trap. The theoretical model is based on the Grad-Shafranov equilibrium equation and plasma transpo ... More
Presented by Mr. Mikhail KHRISTO
Type: Contributed Oral
To build-up and sustain a population of high energy ions of hydrogen isotopes in the GDT-based neutron sources, injection of a steady-state powerful focused neutral beams with energies up to 100 keV is required. Problems arising at update of the high power NBIs developed at the Budker Institute with a duration of up to 2 s to the stationary operation mode are discussed in the report. All the inje ... More
Presented by Dr. Vladimir DAVYDENKO
Type: Contributed Oral Track: Common theme
Results of our studies of the dynamics features of energy release in a hybrid thorium reactor facility with an extended neutron source based on a long magnetic trap are presented in the paper. In the studied configuration of the active zone, a high-temperature plasma column is formed in a pulse-periodic mode, and with certain combinations of the “thermonuclear combustion” pulse duration and du ... More
Presented by Prof. Igor SHAMANIN
Type: Contributed Oral Track: Common theme
To study three-dimensional neutron flux and heat generation fields in a reactor facility with a modified axial region operating in a subcritical mode with thermonuclear neutrons generated by an extended plasma neutron source, a computational model has been developed under utilizing a Serpent-Prizma program code. The studies are conducted for a radially profiled reactor core consisting of areas wi ... More
Presented by Dr. Vladimir SHMAKOV