11-15 September 2023
Budker INP
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

XXVIII International Conference "Russian Particle Accelerators Conference RuPAC'23" will take place on September 11 - 15, 2023 at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, Novosibirsk. Organized by Budker INP SB RAS, General Physics Department of Russian Academy of Science and Council for Particle accelerators of RAS.

The conference goal are to exchange information and discuss various aspects related to the accelerator science and technology, beam physics, the new accelerator for leptons and hadrons colliders, the modernization of existing facilities, and the use of accelerators for basic and applied research.

Conference topics:

  • Modern trends in accelerator technology
  • Colliders
  • Beam dynamics, beam cooling methods, new approaches of particle acceleration
  • High intensity circular and linear accelerators
  • Heavy ion accelerators
  • Synchrotron radiation and free electron laser facilities
  • Accelerator sub-systems (magnet, vacuum, control, diagnostic, etc.)
  • Superconducting technologies
  • Accelerating structures and RF systems
  • Ion, electron and positron sources
  • Accelerator applications for medicine, industry and applied researches

Abstract submission and delegate registration - July, 20.
Orals and invited orals selection - August, 1.
Papers to the proceedings - TBD.

Budker INP
Conference Hall
Lavrentiev av. 11, Novosibirsk 630090 Russia
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Program Committee  
Logachev P.V. (Budker INP), Chairman
Meshkov I.N. (JINR), Vice-Chair
Levichev E.B. (Budker INP), Vice-Chair
Feschenko A.V. (INR RAS)
Gavrish Yu.N. (JSC NIIEFA)
Ivanov E.M. (NRC KI – PNPI)
Ivanov S.V. (NRC KI – IHEP)
Korchuganov V.N. (NRC KI)
Kravchuk L.V. (INR RAS)
Kulevoy T.V. (NRC KI – ITEP)
Lebedev O.P. (NRC KI – IHEP)

Ovsyannikov D.A. (SPBU)
Parkhomchuk V.V. (Budker INP)
Polozov S.M. (NRNU MEPhI)
Ratakhin N.A. (IHCE)
Sharkov B.Yu. (JINR)
Shatunov Yu.M. (Budker INP)
Shirkov G.D. (JINR)
Trubnikov G.V. (JINR)
Vinokurov N.A. (Budker INP)

Zavyalov N.V. (RFNC-VNIIEF)

Organizing Committee  
Levichev E.B. (Budker INP), Chairman
Kuzin M.V. (Budker INP), Secretary
Berkaev D.E. (Budker INP)
Cherepanova O.S. (RAS)

Kuksanov N.K. (Budker INP)
Nikiforov D.A. (Budker INP)
Parkhomchuk V.V. (Budker INP)
Reva V.B. (Budker INP)
Rogovsky Yu.A. (Budker INP)
Shatunov Yu.M. (Budker INP)
Vinokurov N.A. (Budker INP)
The call for abstracts is open
You can submit an abstract for reviewing.
Registration for this event is currently open.